Call for Papers- Journal of Public Policy and Governance

The Journal on Public Policy and Governance (JPG) of Nepal is a peer-reviewed academic platform dedicated to fostering and enhancing the depth of research and studies in the fields of public policy, governance, and management. It serves as a vital resource for both scholars and practitioners, providing an avenue to contribute to the ongoing policy discourse through insightful analysis and innovative solutions. JPG, the official journal of the KUSOM Policy Lab, is published annually and serves as a hub for discussions, knowledge exchange, and idea sharing among policy makers, practitioners, and academicians.

The landscape of public policy and governance is dynamic and ever-evolving, and JPG recognizes the need for a dedicated space where the collective expertise of professionals and scholars can be harnessed to address contemporary challenges. This journal is designed to meet this need by facilitating scholarly dialogue and promoting interdisciplinary approaches to public policy and governance.

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